im limb i use xe it he

welcome to the main page man!

button for site You can use it :)

things abt me:

i draw

i infodump alot and my brain is made out of a bunch of little hamsters they run arund alot do you wannasee

i have adhd and possibly autism

interests and hyperfixations:

i like alot of things! im currently hyperfixating on madness combat! I like alotta other stuff but its too much to name

I Love Musicks i love ALLLL types of music (with some exceptions) like vidoegame ost's and Edm and Lots of other stuff too !!!

im a cartoon enjoyer i LOVE watching cartoons also i love css even tho i just copy and paste most of it

I love Colorss da rainbow is bautiful

I like plushies and arcades and videogames and drawing and videos and movies and shows and animals and figures and furbies and so much more

ok cool whyd u make this again

Beuacsue Basically errrrr ITS FUNN It has alot of colors and fun things to do because regular web sites are Fugly But neocities is SOO amazing!!!!!!!