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also hthese are mmore of just me rambling about stuff than reviews just reviews sounds better I TRICKED YOUUUU AHAHAHAHAAAAA

ok talking time

invader zim : enter the florpus

i rlly LOVVEDD this movie!! back in 2019 when it first came out, i watched it a ton of times ( i tend to do that with shows or movies i like) and i think its such a fun lil movie !! the storyline is rlly fun and crazy, its true 2 tha real show but still gives us something new!!! something i kinda miss though is tha artstyle . ill be honest, i do prefer the jagged and more sharp lines rather than them being rounder with less saturated coloring, but to be honest, the appeal for certain types of general artstyles right now are kind of round and easy on the eyes, so i can see why they did that! i also like the humour ALOT i laughed at so many parts of the movie its just so SILLYYYYYYYY!!!!!! also the anime inspired sequence at the beginning!?!?!!! frikin awesoem!!! i LOVE this movie a whole lot its def not perfect but its so fun!!!!!!!!!!

puella magi madoka magica : rebellion

OHH MY GOD OK OK. okay.yeah.Yeah.HOLY SHIT!!!! this movie is so COOOOOLL!!! the visuals are so high quality and the animations is so good....... p.m.m.m you have amazed me again!!! the fight between homura and mami was also rlly GOOD like wowowo!!! also this movie made me sort of emotional it was a def a rollercoaster for me which is good because i like it when movies make me go "WOAAHOEEHGHAGH32777323321319"!!!!!!!!!!! the thing is with p.m.m.m you kinda have to watch it like analyze it alot to fully get it and i have a decent grasp of whats going on so sometimes it can be confusing for me :P especially towards da end of the movie it gets kinda confusing?? like for the first 3/4 i was like yeah Yeah i understand but at the last quarter i got confused a bit.. but the visuals are nice enough for it to kinda make up for that LOLOL!!!!! overall i think this was rlly good i love it ohh so much im probably gonna watch it a few more times to see if i can fully understand it :)!!

This 5 dollar bill (tgis isnt my image its my friends )

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